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Professional Box Styles


Custom Box Style

The market is full of a vast range of products. These products can be industrial goods, convenience goods, impulse items and many more. The shape, design, and weight of products vary from one business to another. However, it is necessary to use the most suitable packaging box styles for these products.

Packaging shapes and styles should be quite fascinating. It would help to boost sales and make the brand image to the general public. Business owners understand the need of right box design and custom boxes for getting maximum advantage. They keep on searching for the companies that provide the best custom printing if you are looking for it then no worries at all! We at Liquid Printer, ensure to deliver your desired box style at low prices.

Unique Crafting of Packaging Boxes

Liquid Printer proudly presents a lot of custom made boxes to you. We emphasize every detail of these boxes. Before crafting these, we assure to know the product shape and size. It helps in crafting the right box for such particular product. Such homework helps us in producing the proper packaging for your product.

Minute Detailing Of Box Styles

Detailing of the packaging boxes includes the outer flaps, panel folder, die cut, folds and more. The focus is not on a single pack. However, we provide all boxes of uniform shape and size. The credit for this goes to our skilled personnel and machines.

Trendy Shapes for Beauty Products

You can even have the visibility of your lipstick shades, eye-pallets, nail paint colors. Our boxes shapes and design are just appropriate for this. Bright and attractive colors work best for the box of beauty products.

The best feature is that all materials used for making boxes are biodegradable. All materials are environmentally friendly such as the flat items, panel folder, corrugated board and many more. All the margins of the flap and corners have proper edges.

Corrugated Box Style for Fragile Products

Fragile products are at maximum risk to get damage. Hence, shipping boxes require extreme caution to avoid this. We avoid such tension of yours through the provision of the best style of corrugated boxes. These ensure to deliver your products to the customer's door safely. What can be better than this! Safe delivery is the primary key to please your customer. Damaged stuff is enough to destroy your brand image. Hence, get the economical packaging boxes from us to impress your customers. Safe delivery with ease!

Cardboard Box Style for Convenience Goods

When it comes to the selling of convenience goods, then you need to be wise about its promotion. For promoting your products, nothing can be more useful than the trendy packaging boxes. Contact us for getting the cardboard boxes or folding cartons of your desire.

In addition to the convenience goods, you also require the cardboard boxes for presenting gifts. Make your gift even more special with the use of beautiful and stylish packaging boxes. It enhances the worth of your gift.

Packaging Box Designs

The main center particular in our minds is to promote the brand identity of your business through box style. Hence, our experienced graphic designers work providing the boxes having your company logo on it. We design the style tray, regular slotted container RSC, and RSC boxes elegantly. In addition to the company logo, we believe in to use the primary color of the logo for custom printing.

Graphic Design Service

Enjoy the best graphic designing service from us. We use the blend of best colors for designing the boxes. The ink used for the printing purpose is of good quality. It is because we understand the need for marketing for your business. So, stress-free about your marketing. We design the style tray with the colors scheme that you demand. All demands and instructions of customers are valuable to us. It helps us to create the masterpiece that you like.

Huge Variety of Styles

There exist a massive range of box styles. You can choose the one which suits your business the most. Liquid Printer offers common box style, corrugated box style, and cardboard box styles. In addition to this, you can enjoy getting customized styles too. Just select the box which can summarize your product correctly.

Brand Promotion

Kick out the rough or plain boxes from your life. Replace such boxes with the appealing boxes. It is the right way to say about your product. These boxes would help you to complement your product precisely. People often sell their products in plain packs. It mainly happens when the business is new. They do so because they believe in saving their money. Hence, they do not get the custom printed boxes. The box without any printing is a wrong concept; it is inclined towards the brand image. So, it would be best if you popularized your business packaging designs as early as possible. For this, the packaging boxes are quite economical.

Packaging with Die Cut

Instead of using the traditional boxes, we help you to get something unusual. It is none other than the packaging box having a stylish design. Dimensions and cuts of the packagings are the main elements. For getting better visibility, it is good to craft window in the packaging box. The product shape and design can be seen from it. You do not need to open the box for this.

Styles with Elegant Appeal

Elegance is the main factor that helps to grab the customer's attention. If your boxes are not adorable in appearance, then you won't be able to get the satisfactory outcomes. On the contrary to this, people using the elegant custom boxes become successful in winning their customer's heart.

Discount On Bulk Quantity

You can get a discount on the bulk purchase. Liquid Printer offers a discount to our lovely customers when they place an order for large quantities. Business cannot run on a few boxes. You need to use them for every transaction. So, you can keep hands on larger quantities. Feel free to discuss your queries and place your order when required. We are all time available for your service. The best customer service is our domain.