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Custom Box Styles


Style That Suits Your Product

Boxes have different box styles depending on the customer's specific needs. As the customer orders a particular type of boxes, a locking mailer or a display box that best suits their products while they are being shipped or displayed on the counter. Liquid Printer has a team of expert box designers if none of these box styles meet your packaging needs then they are just a call away, discuss product dimensions and nature of the product, our box experts would come in a perfect box style to meet your packaging needs and have an appealing look.

Common Styles

Box styles that are more general while client ordering is "tuck-end" which are mainly deployed in retail, pharmaceutical, tobacco, food and cosmetics boxes. Straight Tuck End (STE) is a perfect solution for the product boxes that can have the front panel with a die-cut window. Reverse tuck-end, hang tab, and the auto bottom boxes are also best suited for packaging needs. Other famous box styles are pillow, dispenser, gable and display boxes. Review the following box styles list and select one that meets your packaging needs or ask our expert to help you in choosing the perfect box style for your products.