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Liquid Printer is Your One-Stop-Shop for Custom Packaging Boxes

Are you a business owner in North America? Do you wish that you could create custom boxes for your product that help tell your story? Lucky for you, Liquid Printer can do all this and more! How do we do it? We work alongside our clients to create custom packaging solutions that bring your brand to the next level.

Choose From Box Styles


Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetic Boxes

Lipsticks, lotions, and eyeliners all need a place to live. So why not make their cosmetic boxes as special as the product?

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Retail Boxes

Retail Boxes

Elegant, innovative, and unique. These are just three of the words that describe our retail boxes that are great for businesses small and large.

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Display Boxes

Display Boxes

Are you proud of your product? Do you want to make it stand out in the crowd? If so, check out our custom display boxes!

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Food Packaging Boxes

Food Packaging Boxes

Custom food packaging boxes are needed to comply with safety regulations around the world. But, who said they can’t be innovative, too?

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Paper Boxes

Paper Boxes

Sometimes, all that you need is a blank slate to package your goods. Our paper boxes will give you the opportunity to leave your mark.

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Shipping Boxes

Shipping Boxes

Safely delivering your packages is an important piece of your business’ puzzle. We design custom shipping boxes to fit your particular needs.

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Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

A creative gift box is part of the present. We’ll help you make custom gift boxes that are striking, sophisticated and of course, cost-effective.

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Medicine Packaging Boxes

Medicine Boxes

Our medicine boxes have one job and that is to be the home for your medicinal needs. They’re cost-effective, customizable, and versatile.

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Liquid Printer is the one-stop-shop for printing, packaging, custom boxes, packaging solutions and more. From start-to-finish, we’ll help you create the packaging boxes that you need to package your product to perfection. So, whether you’re attending an event or pushing your product to the market, if you’re looking for a means to tell your brand’s story in a way that’s attractive, cost-effective, and durable, Liquid Printer’s custom packaging boxes will provide a unique approach to help communicate your story in a way that will separate your product from the competition.
The market continues to change and at Liquid Printer, we continue to evolve so that we can provide our customers with the packaging solutions they need to make a difference.


Here’s Our Four-step Process is Simple!

Step 1

Request a Custom Quote

Talk to our Sales Representatives by Calling at our toll-free number or fill our Custom Quote Form.

Step 2

Upload Your Artwork

Send us your design file OR ask our team to design an attractive and eye-catchy graphic design at zero cost.

Step 3

Proof-read Your Design

Proof-reading of Flat View and 3D Mock-up. Examine your logo, text, shape, style and dimensions carefuly. Digital hardcopy can be ordered.

Step 4

Make Your Purchase

After Approval of design file make Payment and get your Boxes delivered within 8 Business Days. Rush Available!

Custom Product Packaging – A Unique Way to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Let we set the scene for you. You’re at the store and are walking up and down the aisles picking out the items you need. Until, all of a sudden, a product seems to pop off of the shelves and grab your attention. This product made you stop, take it off the shelf and take a closer look. Why? Because the shape, colors, and style of the product packing worked in unison to help tell the brand’s story. At Liquid Printer, we understand just how important custom product packaging is to the success of a product and that’s why we’re continuously working to deliver high-quality custom boxes and packaging supplies to our customers in US and the Canada. But, before we can create custom packaging boxes we first need to understand our clients’ target audiences. Through thorough research, we gather data that helps us create a perfect design, style, and shape that best caters to the needs of the target demographic. Creativity, collaboration and data all work together to help us build custom product packaging and printing solutions that will help you bolster your brand and get your product in the hands of the people who matter the most – your target audience.

Why Should You Choose Liquid Printer as your Resource for Printing and Packaging Solutions?

In a world where consumers are inundated with option after option, in order to stand out among the competition, you have to go against the grain and do something different, something that’ll set you apart from what’s already on the market. How can you do that? With custom product packaging, of course! Liquid Printer is your go-to source for creating custom product packaging solutions that’ll help support your brand’s story.
Whether you need a custom soap box or custom hang tab boxes or anything in between, Liquid Printer will help you create customized packaging boxes for businesses small and large. Our expertise and knowledge as a box manufacturer has helped us provide high-quality packaging supplies to our clients in USA and the Canada based on their unique needs for many years. At Liquid Printer, you can trust that we’ll provide you with the information and the advice that you’ll you need in order to create a stunning, versatile, and attractive packaging solution that fits your requirements.
Thanks to our in-house facility, we’re able to provide this personalized experience to our clients, so that we can work together in order to create and deliver quality custom packaging boxes.

Ultimate Printing and Packaging Solutions

Trustworthy Brand, All kind of Custom Boxes under one roof.

Benefits of Creating Custom Packaging

In a world of endless options, businesses are relying on their creativity and branding to set themselves apart from the competition. At Liquid Printer, we understand just how important custom packaging solutions are to making a statement and that’s why when you work with us you’ll be given the chance to put your best foot forward with our help. Here are five benefits of working with Liquid Printer:

  • Gain popularity and bolster your branding efforts with custom logo printing
  • Imprint product features and use as an influential advertising/marketing tool
  • Keep money in your wallet with a reduction in shipping and transportation costs
  • Liquid Printer ensures a safe delivery of your items/products
  • Custom Printed Boxes help protect the items from severe weather, dust, and dirt
Liquid Printer Wants to Hear From You!

When you have a question, you want to speak to someone that can help you find a solution. At Liquid Printer, we understand and respect our customers’ time so we go to great lengths to provide exemplary customer service that’s not only friendly but informative. Because every business’s needs are unique, we help our clients find distinct product packaging and printing solutions to meet those requests.
Beyond providing our clients with solutions to problems and answers to questions, we like to keep the lines of communication open so that we can share ideas, thoughts, and visions that’ll help our design team create the packaging solutions that you’ve been dreaming about. The design team at Liquid Printer combines high-caliber professionalism with imagination in order to transform your ideas into reality. All that we need to know to get started is the size of your item that you need to box and from there, we’ll provide you with accurate box style, precise box dimensions, and a variety of colors instantly.

Talk to our Customer Sales Representative by Calling at our toll-free number or fill our Custom Quote Form. Send your design ready file to us.
We work alongside our clients to create custom packaging solutions that bring your brand to the next level.

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