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It is no surprise that our industry continues to evolve. With each passing year, we see new trends and what once worked is replaced by something bigger and better. Change is a constant and we are taking this step towards adapting our strategies and products to meet the needs of our customers and the rapidly changing market. With all these changes, one thing remains constant and that is our commitment to be your credible resource for ordering custom boxes. As a box manufacturer, Liquid Printer offers a wide variety of custom packaging boxes for every industry. With the passage of time and with every passing second, we aim to become the most trusted and reliable manufacturer and supplier of customized packaging in the US.

We have started another company in Los Angeles, if you are interested and want to visit our sister company, click here.

We Care About Your Products

At Liquid Printer, we work with you to make your product the best it can be. No matter how small or significant the job is, we use advanced printing techniques to make sure we only create a high-quality finished product. Whether you need 100 or 10,000, regardless of the volume of the project, you can make sure that we offer customized solutions for your products that will meet your business needs.

What Do We Have to Offer?

The Liquid Printer is a one-stop-shop for all your customized packaging needs. Whether you are looking to order packaging for soaps, cakes, candies, candles, whatever it is, we offer a unique and creative packaging solution for products. The Liquid Printer will be the ally in turning ideas into reality. That's not all. Short pay times, friendly customer service and unparalleled quality are just some of the benefits you'll get if you're ordering with us. No matter your needs, we’ll work with you and leverage our expertise to help fit your business requirements. And keep in mind that there is no minimum or maximum order because, at Liquid Printer, our primary concern is to help you create the personalized boxes.

What Do We Believe?

At Liquid Printer, we appreciate the trust of our customers and their feedback. These are the driving forces that motivate us every day to offer our customers high quality, environmentally friendly packaging. We believe in creating customized boxes that make our customers proud. In our eyes, saving the earth is just as important as your success. At Liquid Printer, you can make sure you know that we will go for a long time to offer you not only a finished product that you are proud to present, but also an eco-friendly product. To reduce carbon footprint, we use recyclable paper/cardstock and biodegradable inks during the manufacturing process. While we create personalized packaging for products, we also keep the environment safe, and that is a winning gain in our book.

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