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Seeking assistance from Liquid Printer has offered us with high quality, beautiful and cheap boxes that are so easily handled and assembled that we don’t need to worry about how we can manage to portray our product on the display shelves so it stands out. The sturdy boxes can be compressed or stretched to our desired needs, one place offering it all so impeccably is a blessing in disguise.

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Darryl Simon

4Cats Enterprises Inc.

We are a frequent buyer of Gable Box. We have tested many sellers and we stumbled at Liquid Printer because they were inexpensive, and when we ordered a few sample boxes so we can assess their strength and quality we were so impressed we couldn’t resist a minute without ordering many more. We placed a massive order at Liquid Printer. Their team might have been taken aback by such an enormous order, but they did not refuse they agreed on our order. Their workforce was definitely working beyond their maximum because they managed to compile the order before the date we finalized on. Before time delivery assisted us in our sales as our products hit the shops before time and as Christmas was around the corner followed by New Year our products witnessed a high scale rise in their sales. We made a great decision to order from Liquid Printer.

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Skimmer Motion

We needed a company that can urgently deliver us a massive order of Locking Mailer Boxes. We were surprised by the bill; it was way lower than our expectations, as one thinks if something is cheap maybe the quality isn’t good enough. But we were proved wrong once again as the boxes were all so strong and erect they could easily brave many bumps and impacts. Liquid Printer is a team of creative minds who all work with great integrity and skill.

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Allison Firey

B.B. King Blues Club & Grill

We were not sure about the shape of boxes that will go well with our items but the design dept. of Liquid Printer came up with such unique collection we were assured we were in the right place. Our company has seen a drastic increase in sales after we adapted the use of hang tab boxes, because now our customers are offered adequate knowledge about the product and if it targets their need their time is saved, they have what they needed.

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Annie Sayaves

Terre di Puglia

Choosing Liquid Printer served all our needs by offering us with high quality boxes at a very affordable rate. We didn’t have to wander around bargaining with wholesale retailers, we just laid an online order and within a stated duration of days the boxes were delivered at our doorstep, we couldn’t believe such remarkable delivery still exists. In today’s world where everyone is trying to fraud the customers with delivering something that is completely different from the one shown, Liquid Printer is a reliable one. The boxes were all made with our mentioned dimensions; we were not looking forward to such an errorless job.