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The retail box is a basic necessity for every business. Consumer product manufacturers use these boxes to pack their products. It's not just a box; it can be useful for the brand by printing the logo and business information on the box. It can be of any shape and size with customized printing and finishing options. Customers can order retail packaging according to the size and specifications of their product.

Why choose us?

Liquid Printer is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of customized retail packs in the US and Canada. Our intense exposure has empowered us to bring personalized, unique and stylish retail packaging for almost every consumer business. From the beginning, our primary focus remains focused on one key factor and that is we offer the best quality and keep customers with solid trust in the Liquid Printer. We provide businesses, wholesalers, supermarkets, warehouses, grocery stores, cosmetics, medicine, and toy industries with retail boxes at wholesale prices.

Reliable Supplier of Packaging

At Liquid Printer, our customer support and graphic design team provide you with the best possible solution for the business. Our packaging solutions for the retail products are appealing and durable. Thus, our innovative and creative retail boxes help your business to drive more sales and improve brand reputation.

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If you are looking for customized retail boxes, then please contact us by calling our free 1-800-959-3878 or send us an email at If you need a price estimate, fill out the custom quote form and get a price quote.