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Box Styles

Common Box Styles for Packaging Solutions

Boxes have varying box styles according to the specific needs of the customer. As customer orders particular cardboard, corrugated or Kraft stock box that best houses their products while shipping, or getting displayed on the counter displays or simply on to the shelves waiting to be sold. LiquidPrinter has a team of expert box designers just in case none these box style meet you packaging needs then are just a call away, discuss your product dimensions and product nature, our box exerts would come up with a perfect box style that fulfills your packaging need plus have outstand catchy looks.
Box styles, which are more general while customer order are, reverse tuck end (RTE) mostly deployed in custom rail boxes, toy boxes, software boxes, custom food boxes and custom cosmetic boxes. Straight Tuck End (STE) is a perfect solution for product boxes that have front display panel in the form die cut window having plastic or cellophane. Common examples are custom pharmaceutical, food, toy, retail and software boxes. Straight Tuck End with hang tab and Tuck Top Auto Bottom (TTAB) also serves these type of boxes well. Other famous box styles are pillow box style, dispenser, gable and display box styles. Please review the following list of box styles and select one which suits you packaging needs or ask from our expert to help you out in deciding a perfect box style for your products.

Dispenser Box - Box Styles

Dispenser Box

Straight Tuck-end Box - Box Styles

Straight Tuck-end Box

Reverse Tuck-end Box - Box Styles

Reverse Tuck-end Box

Tuck-end Auto Bottom - Box Styles

Tuck-end Auto Bottom

Tuck-end Hanger Box - Box Styles

Tuck-end Hanger Box

Bin Box - Box Styles

Bin Box

Auto Bottom Tray - Box Styles

Auto Bottom Tray

Double Wall Tray and Lid - Box Styles

Double Wall Tray and Lid

Tray and Sleeve - Box Styles

Tray and Sleeve

Sleeve - Box Styles


Four Corner Box with Lid - Box Styles

Four Corner Box with Lid

Triangular Box - Box Styles

Triangular Box

Pyramid Box - Box Styles

Pyramid Box

Seal-end Box - Box Styles

Seal-end Box

1-2-3 Bottom Display Lid - Box Styles

1-2-3 Bottom Display Lid

Locking Mailer - Box Styles

Locking Mailer

Suitcase Box - Box Styles

Suitcase Box

Punch Partition - Box Styles

Punch Partition

Box Dividers - Box Styles

Box Dividers

Inner Packing Pieces - Box Styles

Inner Packing Pieces

Packaging Leaflets - Box Styles

Packaging Leaflets

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