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Cardboard Box

Cardboard Box

LiquidPrinter is a tried and tested manufacturer of custom cardboard boxes. We can create cardboard boxes in different shapes and designs that are rare to find by our customers elsewhere thus making your product uniquely packaged in durable cardboard boxes.

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Custom Cardboard Boxes

At LiquidPrinter we carry fully customized packaging solutions for various businesses requirements. We see cardboard boxes in many places daily in our surroundings. The primary usage of cardboard boxes is to use them as a packing box for various products, stuff or items.

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Premium Quality Custom Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are designed especially accordingly with the shape and the size of products so that packed product remains safe and stable inside the box. Cardboard boxes are also termed as corrugated paperboard boxes since early 20 century. The usage of custom cardboard boxes in widespread does not matter is this usage domestic or commercial, also these boxes are used in shipping the products.

Cardboard boxes are designed to withstand temperature variations and shipping and handling woes that can cause damage to the packed products, items or any other stuff. The stuff of these boxes vary from the box to box and its manufacturer to manufacture a cardboard box may consist of single layered, double layered, triple layer and so on as required and its manufacturing material may vary . Cardboard boxes are normally 0.25mm thick and if the customer requires more strength its thickness can be increased.

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Our extensive cardboard box manufacturing experience and vast knowledge packaging have enabled us to bring stunning and cutting-edge custom cardboard box solutions that quickly attract customer’s attention. Just count on us for perfectly designed custom cardboard box solutions having accurate dimensions as customer’s bespoke requirements. At the LiquidPrinter, our motive is to keep things simple for our committed and new clients. That’s why we offer a broad range of packaging solutions that strictly adhere to customer’s bespoke specifications. Contact us now and one of our expert customer representatives would heed you attentively and then let you know what is the most appropriate and cost-effective solution that fulfills your requirements.

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