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Cosmetic Boxes

Creative ideas for Custom Cosmetic Packaging

LiquidPrinter is a trusted name in manufacturing premium grade custom cosmetic box solutions for health and beauty care industries. Our custom printed cosmetics boxes are beautiful in shapes with super rich graphics and printing that allures customers for impulse buying thus generating more sales. Cosmetic items like creams, lotions, lipsticks, nail polishes, artificial nails, wigs, eye liners and much more, when placed in an eye-attracting custom cosmetic boxes with a die cut plastic or cellophane window, ergonomically designed in awesome shapes and exotic styles, are sold like hot cakes.

Small and Large scale Supply to Cosmetic Business

Beauty spas, salon, hair stylists, beauty parlors and other makeover setups prefer to use Liquid Printer custom cosmetic boxes as these boxes fulfill all needs they are looking in the custom box. A variety of options is available at LiquidPrinter for online ordering of wholesale custom cosmetic boxes. These cosmetics boxes options include custom structure design, custom shapes, custom styles and custom patterns. Custom printing options are embossing, debossing, foil stamping, textured coatings, and use of biodegradable inks. Matte or gloss finishing options are available at the discretion of customers. There are a number of multiple options are available to choose right materials for your cosmetic box needs to select a box material that best fits their business needs and protects well the insidious beauty product. Therese options are high-quality paper stock, cardboard stock, corrugated cardstock or Kraft material.

LiquidPrinter box manufacturing facilities use recyclable cardboard material to have more share in turning our environment greener. Our use of eco-friendly materials helps save the planet from carbon footprints. To get economically feasible, cost-effective and unique custom cosmetic packaging solution to outcompete your peers dial us now at 800-959-3878 a toll-free service or email us at or simply browse chat with our cosmetic box experts using our online chat service. Please note that if you are new to the business or other way round have difficulty in finalizing the artwork then please take a step ahead and use our expert graphic designing team services totally free. Usually, it takes 5 to 6 business days to ship your custom cosmetic boxes. But we do welcome rush deliveries too as we’ve optimized the box manufacturing assembly line that takes only 3 to 4 days to ship your custom cosmetics boxes after the final approval or artwork.

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