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Auto Bottom Tray Box


Size Custom Size
Stock Card Stock, Corrugated, Kraft
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Quantity 100 - 200,000
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Do you own a small business? Moreover, is it difficult to deliver your small products from one place to another? If so, then we are here to give you the brilliant solution for that. One of the most unusual and more convenient ways is the box divider. It's a great way to pack your multiple products together with ease. Divider inserts contain different vertical cardstock sheets depending on the size of your product. The appropriate size of these box separators helps the product stay in place because it minimizes movement.

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Ensuring Maximum Product Safety

Movement pressure, vibrations, and strokes can cause damage to products, especially during transport. To ensure optimal product protection and safety to provide safe and secure delivery to the customers, you need to place your unique products in the boxes using divider inserts. It reduces the risk of damage and is an innovative way to protect the items.

Strong & Durable

Liquid Printer delivers the most affordable box dividers to their respected customers. The material used to manufacture box dividers is of excellent quality, and they have the incredible strength to withstand the weight of the product. Custom made box dividers are long lasting, very reliable and durable. Enjoy free shipping of divider inserts in the US and Canada.

Customization and Design

Small products, either from the cosmetics industry, the electronics industry or the pharmaceutical industry, can be packed with great convenience in box dividers. Each product dimension is different, so it's a safe step to order the custom box divider according to the size of your products. Order us to print the company name and logo on the boxes to boost your marketing strategy. Additionally, you can get adorable and fascinating designs on box dividers that act as the identity of your products. Order custom box dividers and enjoy their unlimited benefits.

Economical Way

Who does not want to enjoy the cheap packing? Of course, everyone wants to keep their hands on a magic box that lets them pack the items in a single package and not in the individual boxes for each product, because the separate packaging is quite expensive, which can also affect the company's budget. In that way, it allows you to get as many box dividers as you want in your budget. The minimum order of the dividers is 100. We assure you that you will be proud of your decision to order custom box dividers from the Liquid Printer. Our strength is to supply high-quality products to win the heart of our clients.

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