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About Our Company

With the passage of time, LiquidPrinter has turned into a credible resource for ordering online custom boxes. We offer a full range of custom printed boxes including retail packaging boxes, medicine, software and food boxes. Liquid Printer is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of high-quality custom boxes that are perfectly designed, styled, and sized as per client’s bespoke instructions. Behind all LiquidPrinter customized boxes and custom packaging services is our resolve to bring world-class services to our customers by delivering an exceptional quality of boxes and printing that even exceeds their expectation.

Quality of our Products

We use the most advanced printing techniques to ensure your box printing’s quality remains top-notch. Irrespective of your project’s volume, we can provide you with a custom cardboard box printing solutions that fulfill your business needs perfectly.

Our Product Range

As a custom box manufacturer, LiquidPrinter provides creative and unique product packaging solutions for your handmade soaps, exclusive handy-crafts, cakes, candies, jewelry, gifts, promotional stuff many others. For creative geeks we also manufacture plain custom boxes satiate their urge to self-decorate their custom boxes.
We pride ourselves on our cordial customer service, short lead times and custom boxes with unmatched quality. Our Customer Service department is professional, courteous and responsive to the needs of our customers and most of the times come up with a quick solution. At LiquidPrinter, there is no minimum or maximum order; a customer can order any size or quantity.

Our Values

Our box manufacturing exposure has evolved over years of clients’ feedback that guarantees you can leverage our expertise to fit your business requirements. Whether you need a retail box, bakery box or gift box through LiquidPrinter, just talk to our customer service toll-free no., our expert will come up with a right box solution in terms of size, style, custom printing, and paper quality. We are eco-friendly, use recyclable material, bio-degradable inks to have minimum pollution footprint. We value our customer’s trust and wish to retain them, so that we have a wide base of happy returning customers.

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