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Telescoping Boxes

Telescoping Boxes

Custom Lid and Bottom Boxes

Telescoping boxes are a great way to pack away greeting cards, gift items and many other products actually. The alluring presentation of products is essential for the success of any business, but mostly these boxes are used to pack up gifts and other items of similar nature.

They are also quite useful in organizations and that is very reason they are so widely accepted. For instance, you can store tools, nails, drills, end mills, taps and so on. These are the perfect solution to keep parts of things safe and organized. Most of the working areas prefer telescoping boxes for storing because they tidy up the space. You can also use them in your home to store pins, utensils, tapes etc. They are the perfect answer to the storage issues regarding small things. When you are using them to pack gifts you don't have to spend more money on the wrapper because they alone give the perfect presentation.

Best quality customized telescoping boxes are available, where? Yes no other then Liquid Printer. Our team will make these boxes from the material of your choice. We can either use glue, staple or tape; it depends on what you want. We design these boxes in very simple fashion yet the end product is highly elegant. You can either have boxes of single or double sheet.

Telescoping boxes have so many uses and they are one of the best storage boxes you can get. The super fine quality boxes offered by us are strong and will keep your products safe. We can make them in all shapes and sizes at very affordable rates. Each feature and part of the box can be customized as per your desire; we are here to serve you in the best way.

Packaging has gained quite a lot of attention in the past few years and companies spend a lot on just to present their products to potential customers. There is no doubt in this statement that a great packaging is liked by all and people prefer it over normal ones. So choose telescoping boxes offered by us and increase the value of your products.

Feature of Telescoping Boxes

  • Suitable box for stationery items
  • Easy product packaging
  • Two Part box (Lid and Bottom)
  • Different types of material available
  • We use recyclable and eco-friendly material
  • Custom sizes available
  • Full Color CMYK / PMS
  • Best affordable price
  • Upload your own artwork
  • Free graphic designing services
  • Free lamination either matte or gloss
  • Free shipping and handling within USA and Canada
  • Our production time is 6-day
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