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Shipping Boxes

Shipping Boxes

Shipping Cartons for your Business

Have you ever wondered how do things made in Chine, UK and USA land in the shelves of your departmental stores? Ok, maybe you know that they get shipped here! It’s quite obvious actually, so what is the most important thing in this whole process? Ships? Umm, yes they are but what more? What about the shipping cartons? How can you ship products if you don’t have proper shipping cartons? Now if you haven’t seen shipping cartons then don’t think they are like regular shoe-box type things! Think of all the traveling they are going to do and the extreme weather conditions they may have to face, they are not going to live in your cozy cupboards and that is why shipping cartons need to rough and tough!

Liquid Printer can give you the best rough and tough shipping cartons for any kind of product you can imagine. You get fully customizable cartons of top quality, what else do you need? So what do we mean by fully customizability? Is it that we have few different sized boxes and can adjust them a little bit as per your need? NO! When we say fully customizable we mean it! We will construct your box right from the scratch, the only thing you will need to do it to tell us about the details and we will show you what “customizability” really means! The size, dimensions, color, printing, graphics we handle all your concerns and in the end you will leave as a happy customer. It’s our guarantee.

No matter how much the world gets advance and digital, the shipping process can never go out of business because majority of the trade around the globe is handled by them and that is why shipping cartons also hold great significance. They should be big, actually of quite a good variety of sizes, very strong and should be covered with proper printing and handling labels in big size because the ones doing the cargo business cannot know what is inside the box. Place your order with us and get rid of all your shipping worries.

Feature of Shipping Boxes

  • Recommended box for shipments
  • Strong and heavy duty
  • Best quality corrugated stock are used
  • We use recyclable and environmental friendly material
  • Custom sizes available
  • Full color CMYK / PMS
  • Best affordable price
  • 100% quality satisfaction
  • Free shipping and handling within USA and Canada
  • Free graphic designing services
  • Free matte or gloss lamination
  • You can also send us your own artwork
  • Delivery at your doorstep
  • 6-day Production time
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