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Food Packaging

Food Packaging

Custom made Food Packaging

When it comes to finding a company that makes food packaging, a food manufacturer is always cautious. Imagine if you put all your effort in making good, healthy and tasty food but try to save costs in the packaging department. This leads to agreeing to sub-standard and cheap materials which will cause you more harm than good in the long run. There are many points to keep in mind when choosing your food packaging such as:

  • Always choose FDA approved packing materials. When it comes to food packaging, you cannot afford to go wrong. Use a packaging that is safe for handling and storing food in otherwise your food will risk getting damaged, losing its shape, going bad or losing its taste and these are the least of your worries.
  • Choose a printing ink that is also food safe. Some inks can affect your food stuffs through the packaging making their tastes bitter or spoiling the food so always get a sample printed and check how well it stands the harsh weather conditions that it may have to face while shipment and handling.
  • Always state weather your packaging is heat-safe. Some consumers like to microwave or heat their foods before consumption. Always state your type of food packagingon the packet and microwave test it yourself to see if it burns up or effects the food in any way.
  • Test the seal. Test your food item’s seal well. Your seal is the only thing standing between your food and any sort of tampering. Make sure that the food packaging is tamper proof by using a seal that breaks away completely even if slightly damaged so the client knows what to avoid.
  • Include a brief description on the packaging. Consumers like to know what they will be eating so state any type of chemical and preservative that is added on the packet. If the item is organic or preservative free, state that too as it will attract clients who are searching for that particular requirement.
  • Innovate your packaging. Include a design or decorate your packaging that looks attractive and eye-catching so that your customer and others get attracted to the product.

Feature of Food Packaging

  • Heavy duty and strong boxes to keep and carry your unique products
  • Stock: Special environmental friendly material
  • Size: We deal in custom sizes so, you can purchase packaging box that fits to your product
  • Color: CMYK and PMS
  • Coasting: Special coating to the box can be done according to your own choice
  • Artwork: Send us your own design file or get our free custom graphic designing service
  • Production: 6 Business Day (estimated time)
  • Shipping: All over the world (free within USA and Canada)
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