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Counter Display Boxes

Counter Display Boxes

Custom made Display Boxes

Corrugated cardboard has changed the way we live our lives. As it is recyclable, it has become a favorite all over the word because not only it is green it is friendly on the pocket too! Liquid Printer also has a good range of cardboard materials for you to choose from. But why would you choose? To make display boxes! Yes, remember the last time you took your children to a toy store and saw various toys placed in display boxes, or what about a book store? Pencils and pens stacked in multi-level display boxes? We can make all them for you.

Go to any store and see how you would be visually loaded by a huge variety of packaging on the shelves of all kinds. The time has gone when the sole purpose of packaging was the protection of the product, now display has taken a higher priority. Admit this that whenever you go to the market there will always be one product placed in a display box which will outshine the rest. Well we can make your product fall in this category.

We do offer fixed size and pre-designed boxes but our creative abilities do not end here. We have a lot more to offer for you, we can customize the display box in any way you want. The material, the color, the design and the shape, choose what you want and forward the responsibility to our experts.

2-tier counter display, 3 cell counter display, shipper display, 2-3 cell layback display, flyer display, floor display, hanging display are few of the options which we offer and deal in. You can ask for any type of modification or request a new one right from the scratch; we are here for you and will never refuse your request. Display boxes hold a very important place for deciding the fate of any product and how will it go with the customers. Don’t ruin the image of your product; let experts handle the looks because they know how to do it professionally. Liquid Printer is here just for you and your product.

Feature of Counter Display Boxes

  • Recommended for counter top displays to showcase your product
  • Available in different style and sizes
  • Custom sizes are available according to your requirements
  • Different types of material / stock available
  • Extra special effects (embossing, foiling, spot UV etc.) can be done
  • Matte or Gloss lamination available
  • Upload your own artwork or ask us for free graphic designing services
  • Free Shipping and Handling within USA and Canada
  • Direct Mailing Service
  • Full Color CMYK / PMS
  • We use Soy and other vegetable based inks
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