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Die cut Boxes

Die cut Boxes

Custom Die cut Boxes

If you often come across those moments when you don't know how to pack something and your simple boxes just fail then die-cut boxes were designed just for those moments. They are the solutions to those items whose packaging can get complex and leave you scratching your head.

Due to the flexibility these boxes have in their structure, they can be cut as per your product shape and size, the only thing that may limit it is your thinking because we at Liquid Printer can come up with any size and shape; customizability is our trade-mark, remember that!

Often it happens that you want to place some product in a box and finding the perfect box for it becomes the next impossible thing. This is the reason many companies go for die-cut boxes. How would you like to sit all day in pants two sizes large or small your regular size? Very bad! (We know it)! So where you have invested in the products or are investing in your companies don’t lose marks in front of your customers by placing the products in ill-fitted boxes. It not only looks bad but it can also affect the product.

Our customizability is not limited to size only, but:

  • A good choice of materials
  • A vast color palette
  • Design and shape option
So whether you have to place your business cards or you have some large machines to move we can come up with any type of die-cut boxes. Often companies don’t offer customization options with these boxes because you need a die to create them, but we care for our customers and realize that needs vary from person to person and situation to situation.

You will often find websites selling you fixed sized die-cut boxes but what's their use of your things inside them are still going to move here and there? This is why we give the option of customization. Our great quality material and timely delivery and friendly staff will help you in getting the die cut box you always wanted. Place your order right away.

Feature of die cut Boxes

  • Suitable for courier, mailing, books and other packaging purposes
  • Die cut options according to your demand
  • Different types of material / stock available
  • Custom sizes are available
  • Full Color CMYK / PMS
  • Matte or Gloss finishing
  • Upload your own artwork or ask us for free graphic designing services
  • Free shipping and handling within USA and Canada
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