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Candy Boxes

Candy Packaging Boxes Wholesale

Custom Candies Packaging

Who doesn't love candies? Raise your hand? Well we didn’t see a single hand and it is obvious that we can all have a sweet tooth once in a while. Candies and confectionary has always been on top of the list when every sweet thing is discussed. Whether you like chocolate ones or you fall for the fruity flavors, we all have our favorite ones which we often eat sneakily.

What is the second thing we fall for after the yummy candies? The packaging! Who can resist colorful packaging with different patterns and above all when you know candy is in it, there is no way you can avoid the candy box!

Liquid Printer knows how much you love candies and candy boxes. When it comes to candy boxes, its options unlimited we are actually talking about! Because with candies you can go to any extreme with customization as they are small in size and can be accommodated in all shapes and material. Here is where you can bring all your creative customization ideas to us because customization is what we live on. For us, your ideas and creativity holds more worth then our designs. We believe that customers should have enough space with the packaging designs because it's their product which is getting protected in the end.

Since candies are edible and perishable items, when it comes to their packaging few factors need to be considered. The boxes you opt for should have some air flow to keep things fresh inside. Moreover the material used should also be breathable. Here is where you can take advantage of the various cardboard types we offer.

Our completely customizable candy boxes can take care of all your sweet affairs. Candy is dear to you and your satisfaction is dear to us. So we think it's a great combo and you should waste more time and place an order right away and get candy boxes that will allure anyone and for a moment they will forget about the candies inside too.

Candies, customizable candy boxes, your choice, and a happy sweet ending!

Feature of Candy Boxes

  • Desirable boxes for chocolate, sweets and other candies
  • Custom shape, styles and sizes are available (All sizes will be done according to the customer's requirement)
  • Different types of stock / material can be used
  • We use CMYK / PMS colors (Soy and other vegetable based inks)
  • We use recyclable and environment freindly materials
  • Upload your own artwork or take advantage of our free graphics designing services
  • Production time is 5 days
  • Free shipping and handling within USA and Canada (delivery at your doorstep)

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