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Bakery Boxes

Custom Bakery Boxes Wholesale

Bakery and Cupcake Boxes for your needs

The delicious freshly baked items are always irresistible and their warm magnetic aroma pulls everyone towards itself. Good boxes not only keep your items safe from external environment, but also attract people. Nobody likes those boring boxes done in dull shades and Liquid Printer understands this very well. Our effective designing and the use of quality materials also takes care of durability. Customers might like these vibrant boxes for their parties as the presentation always adds an extra charm to the taste. So what makes us stand out among all other similar companies? What are the things that we offer which other companies do not?

Everything Is Customizable:
The most irritating thing about other companies is that they have “standard sizes”, “standard shapes”, “standard styles”, and “standard colors”, but here at Liquid Printer, everything is about your choices! We understand that each product is different and every individual has their own unique choices which cannot follow any standard choices set by the company and therefore, we do not believe in limiting you!
  • Choose your own size: A bakery item could be as small as a patty or as big as a huge birthday cake, and to cater every one’s need, we can make boxes of every size. You won’t have to face the problems of your box being too small or too big.
  • Get the shape you need: Different food items require different sorts of packaging and Liquid Printer understands that very well. You can choose from a variety of shapes to suit your needs.
  • Enjoy your own unique style: Our boxes are available in various styles, so there is a huge pool of boxes to pick from. We don’t like to keep our customers limited to the routine styles.
  • Full Color Printing: Colors are probably the main attraction. Some like vibrant ones while other go for decent shades. Liquid Printer makes sure that their customers are not deprived of their favorite colors.
High Quality:
Quality shows class and Liquid Printer uses high quality materials to make sure that our products reflect classiness to the full. The materials that we use include:
  • Cardstock
  • Cardboard stock
  • Corrugated stock
  • Kraft stock
Enough said, order your first box now and see that you are delivered exactly what you are promised!

Feature of Bakery Boxes

  • Suitable for pastry, pancake, cookie and other baked products
  • Available in custom shape, style and sizes (according to your specification)
  • We use CMYK and PMS colors
  • Gloss or Matte finishing available for these boxes
  • We offer free graphic designing services or you can also send us your own artwork to print them
  • Delivery time is approximately 8 business days
  • Special effects such as: foiling, embossing, raised ink letters etc. can be done according to your demand
  • Low cost price and Quality satisfaction is 100% guaranteed

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